telc exams

Exam details

  • Exams offered:
    • Zertifikat Deutsch / telc Deutsch B1
    • telc Deutsch B2
    • telc Deutsch C1 (allgemeine Prüfung)
  • Registration deadline: Up to 21 business days before exam
  • Late registrations: An additional late entry fee of 20,00 € will be charged for registrations between 20 and 11 days before exam date.
  • Cancellation deadline: Free cancellation up to 15 days before exam date
  • Prices B1 and B2:
    • IH students: 195,00 €
    • External enrolments: 205,00 € + registration fee of 25,00 €
  • Prices C1: 
    • IH students: 225,00 €
    • External enrolments: 235,00 € + registration fee of 25,00 €
  • Additional costs:
    • Shipping costs for certificate: 6,00 €
  • Exams can be offered as of one participant with an additional fee!
    • Exam just for you: + 50,00 €
    • Exam for 2 participants:  +20,00 €
    • IMPORTANT: The oral exam will take place ONLINE with just 1 or 2 participants!
FAQ telc exams
What happens if I am the only one who registered for the exam?
  • We can offer the exam for you alone. We will keep you updated and you can decide, if you want to pay extra to have the exam or if you'd rather postpone your exam / cancel. We do have to charge an additional fee:
    • Exams with only 1 participant: + 50,00 €
    • Exams with 2 participants: + 20,00 €
How is the exam structured?

Exam infos B1 & B2:

  • Written exam first (2h 30 – 2h 20)
    1. Reading comprehension and language moduls
    2. Listening comprehension
    3. Written expression
  • Oral exam after: B1 (35 Min)
    1. Get to know each other
    2. Speak about a topic
    3. Plan something together
  • Oral exam after: B2 (35 Min)
    1. Get to know each other
    2. Speak about an experience
    3. Discussion
    4. Plan something together

Exam infos C1:

  • Written exam on day 1 (3h 35)
    1. Reading comprehension and language moduls
    2. Listening comprehension
    3. Written expression
  • Oral exam on day 2 (36 Min)
    1. Get to know each other
    2. a) Presentation, b) Summary / follow-up questions
    3. Discussion
When does the exam take place?

Our exams always take place on a Tuesday, as of around 12h30. You will receive all details for your exam via e-mail one week prior.

What happens if I fall ill on the day of the exam?

In case of sickness on the date of examination, a doctors note (in digital or paper form) confirming the participants inability to sit an exam must be handed in, 2 days after the exam by the latest. The participant will be reimbursed for the costs, less 20,00 € processing fee.

What happens if I don't show up on time for the exam?

If you show up more than 10 minutes late, maybe because you sat in a traffic jam or your train didn't come, you will not be allowed to sit the exam and will not receive a refund. Therefore please plan to be here / close by at least half an hour / an hour before the exam starts.

What do I need to take with me for the exam?

You only need to bring something to drink, some snacks, your ID card / passport and yourself. ;) We will provide pen and paper.

Do I have to book a course in addition to the exam?

No, you can also book just the exam. We do, however, recommend booking at least an exam preparation course.

What are the steps up to my registration?
  1. We send all necessary details / information on request.
  2. Take our placement test and let us consult you on whether you're ready to take the exam or should rather take a German course / exam preparation course beforehand.
  3. Participate in a trial lesson in one or two courses, if necessary.
  4. Sign up for the course and / or exam.
  5. We will send your invoice via e-mail, which you can pay in cash, via PayPal or bank transfer.
  6. Let's go!