The most important facts you should know when you apply for a Visa

  • Once you have received a tourist visa (Schengenvisa) and you are in Germany it is not possible to convert it into a long term visa! So be very sure about your plans before you apply for a visa - even if it is easier and takes less time and paperwork to apply for a tourist visa, you should not apply for it if there is a possibility your plans might change and you want to study or work here in Germany.
  • Normally our students from abroad come with a Language Course Visa: This Visa is only valid for the length of the language course and cannot be converted into a student visa. If you plan to take a language course in connection with your academic studies, this must be stated when you apply for the visa.  You have to apply for a Student Visa or a student applicant visa if the purpose of your stay is to study in Germany.
  • Required documents for your visa application:
  • letter of admission from a German language school, which proves that you have enrolled for a language course with at least 20 lessons/week(after your enrollment we ask that you provide us with a 100% downpayment of your course fee. After your downpayment has been successfully made we will send you the required letter of admission. (100% of the fees for one course; in case of registration for more than one course 100% of the fees for two courses).


  • health insurance policy- click here to use the agency we work together with
  • sometimes (depending on your homecountry) you need to prove that you have already got basic language skills, sometimes you have to prove that the payment for the German course has already been made completely. Please contact the embassy or consulate in your homecountry to find out about the specific requirements of admission!


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