Our English courses

General Information:

  • Format: Evening courses with one appointment per week (2x45 Minuten)
  • Schedule: possible timetables: 17.50-19.20 or 19.30-21.00h
  • Group sizes: 3-8 participants on-site, 3-12 partcipants online

Englisch for Beginners

You don´t know any English at all or only something like "My name ist.." Then "English for Beginners" is just perfect for you!

Boost your English (pre- & intermediate)

  • For participants of A2-B1.
  • Well-balanced mix of vocab and grammar
  • Training of speaking skills by communicative teaching

Speaking Club (higher intermediate level & advanced)

  • for higher levels (B2-C1)
  • balance of speaking, reading and listening skills
  • teaching with an excellent variety of high quality materials


             Fees per month                

- textbook is not included -

Group size

 Single month                                            

110,00 €

3-12 participants



Booking of 12 weeks of course

312,00 €*

addtional costs

non recurring registration fee of 25,00 € 

 * 2% discount on downpayment

Business English

  • for students who need English for professional purposes
  • Balance of business vocab and grammar
  • Lessons are based on the standard situations you are facing in the job (job Interviews, presentations, phone calls, meetings, emails) with a big variety of communicative material and settings

 * 2% discount on downpayment