Our range of online German courses

"(..) It´s true that nothing beats the real classroom environment, But the live online courses offered are pretty damn close, so why not give it a try. (...) The teachers have been fantastic, have taken to teaching through Zoom like ducks to water, and any technical problems that we´ve encountered have been quickly overcome by the hardworking team. Thanks Insula Sprachschule team and keep up the great work. (..)" 

Matt Varvouris, B2 intensive course, March 2020

Teaching and learning German online...

...is challenging. With our tailormade course offer, new designs and professional solutions for providing communicative lessons, even in front of the screen, we keep the idea of IH Cologne´s special methodology alive.
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Courses offered online:

Semi intensive courses standard (A1-C1)

  • group size: 3-10 participants
  • with 3 students we offer the course with 10 lessons a week
  • as of 4 participants:12 lessons per week (mon-fri)
  • You can make a whole course level (e.g. A1) in approximately 12 weeks of course
  • Fees: 115,00€ per week, 5 week-booking: 105,00€ per week, 10/10+ week-booking: 100,00€ per week

Crashkurs: Brush up your speaking skills/ Brush up your grammar (A2/B1, B2/C1)

  • Speaking skills: intensive work on vocabulary, pronunciation, fluent speaking with additional tailormade grammar exercises based on your needs, all wrapped up in a communicative and fun way
  • Grammar: a journey through all the classic problem areas, adjusted to your wishes and needs. A typical lesson: short phase of clarification, then lots of practice, first written exercises, then oral exercises to make sure you can really consolidate what you have learned and still make it while speaking
  • Group size: 3-10 participants
  • with 3 students we offer the course with 14 lessons a week
  • as of 4 participants:16 lessons per week (Mon-Fri)
  • Duration: 1-2 weeks
  • Fees: 125,00€ per week, 2 week-booking: 225,00€

Standard Evening courses (A1-C1)

  • 4-12 participants
  • 4 lessons per week
  • You can complete one sublevel (e.g. A1.1) in approximately 3 months (depending on which level)
  • Schedule: Mon&Wed or Tue&Thu, 17.50-19.20h or 19.30-21.00h
  • Fees: 160,00€ per month, 6-month-booking: 150,00€, single month: 180,00€

Intensive exam preparation for telc und Test DaF

  • 4-8 participants
  • 16 lessons per week
  • Duration: 3 weeks
  • Fee: 480,00€


  • Have the full flexibility on contents and schedule
  • Possible settings: 1:1, 1:2 und 1:3
  • Fees: 1:1 between 39,00€ and 44,00€ per lesson (depending on number of lessons, if you are one of our students yet, if you are taking another course at the same time - more detailed info on request)