Trainings and exams for professional purposes

Test DaF - Exam Preparation

Test DaF ist a standardized exam for the levels B2 and C1. People who decide to study in Germany often choose this exam. 

TELC- Exam Preparation

TELC exams are standardized exams that originally have been developped by the Volkshochschule. We offer the preparation courses for B1, B2 and C1. For our students in the intesive courses there is the possibility to book the TELC preparation in a package with the standard intensive course to get better conditions and progress faster.

German for doctors

Business German I/II

Levels offered: A2/B1 and B2/C1
Contents: Formal Writing, Making appointments, Mailing, Telephoning, Presentations and Pronounciation 

Workshop formal writing

Workshop telephoning at work