Short, compact, exactly what you've been looking for!

Course times: Saturday, 10 am - aprox. 3 pm

Price: 59,00 €


Presentations (A2 and up)

Train your conversation skills using topics of your choice (of course, we have a few ideas: “Do Germans have a sense of humour?”, “My first day in Cologne”, “The most awkward moment in my life”, etc.). You will present a well-prepared monologue at the end of the workshop. Ideal for learners who are having trouble speaking in front of larger groups ;o)!


Pronunciation and Writing (A2 and up)

6 hours of pronunciation may be too much, that’s why this workshop is a combination of pronunciation exercises and orthography:

  • Upper and lower case
  • When do I use a comma?
  • How to pronounce: Eichhörnchen
  • Long and short vocals


Classic Problems up to B1 (B1 and up) - Part 1

  • Ich war für ein Jahr in Afrika.
  • Wenn ich heute Morgen aufgestanden bin, hat es geregnet.
  • Deutsche und Spanier sind total anders.
  • Ich weiß den Film nicht.
  • Sie hat nur eine Prüfung geschafft. Drei muss sie noch machen.

Can you spot the mistakes? If not, come to our workshop and learn to avoid the classic mistakes ;o)