Short, compact, exactly what you've been looking for!

When: 10 am -3 pm

Price: 59,00 €


Presentations (interesting for A2 and up)

Train your conversation skills using topics of your choice (of course, we have a few ideas: “Do Germans have a sense of humour?”, “My first day in Cologne”, “The most awkward moment in my life” etc.). You will present a well-prepared monologue at the end of the workshop. Ideal for learners who are having trouble speaking in front of larger groups ;o)!


Job interviews (interesting for B2 and up)

Do job interviews in German make you nervous? That's completely understandable! In this workshop we prepare you with the appropriate rhetorical tools and give you lots of opportunities to practice these situations in a protected environment, so you can confidently go to your “real” job interview!


Formal writing (interesting for B2 and up)

Do you have to write a lot in your daily work, but don’t feel secure about it? Then come to our workshop and practice:

  • Orthography
  • The use of commas
  • Formal expressions