WORKSHOPS: Classic problems up to B1 (2), Job interviews

Short, compact, exactly what you've been looking for!

When: 10 am -3 pm

Price: 59,00 €


Classic problems up to B1 - Part 2 (interesting for B1 and up)

*Part 1 on 4th December

  • Ich war für ein Jahr in Afrika.
  • Wenn ich heute Morgen aufgestanden bin, hat es geregnet.
  • Deutsche und Spanier sind total anders.
  • Ich weiß den Film nicht.
  • Sie hat nur eine Prüfung geschafft. Drei muss sie noch machen.

Can you spot the mistakes? If not, come to our workshop and learn to avoid the classic mistakes ;o)


Job interviews (interesting for B2 and up)

Do job interviews in German make you nervous? That's completely understandable! In this workshop we pr

epare you with the appropriate rhetorical tools and give you lots of opportunities to practice these situations in a protected environment, so you can confidently go to your “real” job interview!