Workshops German - the flexible alternative!

Why decide for a German workshop?

  • compact and efficient manner to focus on individual difficulties
  • adressing specific common problems that most students appear to have when learning German
  • allow you to keep up the speed and pass on to the next level even if you have certain gaps in the previous one

General conditions: Saturdays, 10.00-14.00/15.00, all-inclusive price: 59,00€, dates here and on enquiry

German workshops offered

  • Der, die or das???
  • Accusativ and Dative
  • Prepositions (local): auf, in, neben, ...
  • Fluent conversation
  • Presentations
  • Pronunciation and Writing
  • Classic problems up to B1
  • Speaking about the past / Making statements about times (seit, vorher, bevor, erst, lang, für, ...)
  • Classic Problems B1-B2 
  • Job interviews
  • Formal writing

 More detailed descriptions can be found at Workshops Jul-Dec 2021