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Great teaching method and nice atmosphere - Rafal (Poland) 

I had been learning at Insula for half a year. The lessons were interesting, very interactive and giving very good results. Without any doubts I can recommend this school.

Relaxed atmosphere and dedicated teachers - Andra (Romania) 

What I liked most about Insula was the fun, relaxed, cozy environment, the wonderful, unconventional teaching skills and the dedication the teachers put in their work. You'll feel a positive vibe in the air, the moment you enter the room :) Forget about the old-fashioned crowded, boring lessons! Go to INsula and learn German by having fun and being creative in the same time!

Best German Language School in Köln!!!- Matt (England)

Hey everyone. I can't recommend Insula high enough! I have been in Cologne for 6 months now and have taken classes at Insula for the last 2 months. I wish I had found it earlier though! in my first month in Cologne, I went to classes at Tandem Sprachschule and then another Sprachschule ( I forgot the name) close to the center. The lesson content was generic and pretty boring in both and so I didn't end up learning much. Insula is so much better, lessons are adapted to help the individual people in each group and the focus of the content is on speaking which is so important for beginners!

Learning at Insula - Chiara (Italy) 

Hi! I discovered Insula few months after I moved to Köln and since then I took several classes there. The atmosphere is really cozy, the teachers are friendly and well prepared. I find also the teaching method effective and, most important, not boring at all... so you learn but without feeling at school. Enjoy!  

Great! - ? - 

Hi! I joined Insula in october 2008 as soon as I arrived in Germany; I was a bit lost because I didn't know anybody here and the language was a mistery. I had the luck a friend of mine wrote to Katarina and I started immediately the German class for beginners. I was really pleased because I met a lot of new people and I could also learn without feeling at school. I hate studying but the hours fly during the course, because the atmosphere is very relaxed but at the same time we learn what we have to learn each time. The teachers are very good and very friendly, they do everything to make you feel in a friendly environment. I can recommend this school because, especially for people who work, you can always find an arrangement and a good time (perhaps in the evening) to come and learn the langugage. 5 stars!

Professional and highest quality teaching - Rosa (Spain) 

I have been taking German courses at Insula for one year now and I would recommend it to everyone. Besides the great atmosphere and the human quality of the teachers there, I would highlight the brilliant job of these teachers, who have not only excellent educational degrees but they also enjoy their jobs and are capable of transmitting this satisfaction to the students.

Insula kicks ass- Nitzan (Israel) 

I just wanted to say what a good time I had learning German at Insula ( I am writing in English because. of course, you need a language school before you can speak German ;)

What truely sets it apart from other schools is the teaching method and the small classes. Each lesson is accompanied by worksheets, so there is no need to buy an expensive book which you end up not using even half of (like in other schools). Having just a few students in the class ensures that time is not endlessly wasted on explaining the material to 20 other people. I knew that I could always ask anything and get personal attention in class. I took a B2 and Test DaF prep class at Insula. Happily I scored 15 points in the test after just one week of studying! Thanks to Katarina and Uli for a great learning experience! Nitzan

Man braucht den Schreibtisch nicht immer!- Okamura (Japan)

Erst habe ich dort so gelernt ;-) Unsere Gruppe war 4 nette Teilnehmerin. Wir konnten locker und gut Deutsch lernen und uns auf den Unterricht sehr konzentrieren, denn Katarina hat jeden Unterricht sehr gut vorbereitet, zum Beispiel was wir wissen wollen,was wir noch nicht sicher waren,was man oft Fehler macht und so... Da war alles gut organisiert. Wir haben total Spass gehabt ! Auf jeden Fall bin ich wieder da ! So, melden Sie sich auch einfach bei Insula! Dann bekommen Sie bestimmt eine freundliche Antwort von Insula :). Herzlichen Dank!

Vielen Dank - Olya (Russia)

Bevor ich Insula gefunden habe, habe ich und mein Freund mehrere Sprachschulen angerufen. Ich habe Insula gewählt, weil die Sprachschule eine individuelle Betreuung des Schülers zur akzeptablen Preisen bietet. DerVorteil ist die kleine Gruppe und zugängliche Erklärung von Grammatik. Jeder Unterricht vergeht in eine freundliche und warme Atmosphäre. Dank Insula habe ich nicht nur mein Deutsch verbesset sondern auch interesante und nette Leute aus verschidene Ländern kennengelernt. Besten Dank Katarina für spannenden Unterrichten.

The best school in Cologne!-Michal und  Justyna (Polen)

Hello Katarina and Team. Thank you for a superb time at your school. We have really enjoyed studying German language at INSULA. Let me direct few words to people looking for a good language school in Cologne. We (young couple with son )moved to Germany in the end of 2007. We started looking for a good school for both of us: Justyna (didn’t speak German at all at that time) plus myself (Iintended to improve my command of German). We started searching Internet for an appropriate school and found mainly a number of really expensive options (especially for conversation, advanced courses). At that time we found INSULAweb page and asked what they could offer us. Katarina answered really fast in a professional and friendly manner, advising us to take the courses which fitted our needs the best. Justyna has soon started a beginner course and I joined the conversation course in a small group. Both courses were really great – a lot of speaking, useful exercises and, last but not least, a lot of fun. We recommend this school to anybody who is looking for a good (professional yet with greatatmosphere) German school in Cologne! Once more Katarina, Uli, Sabrina and INSULA Team - thanks for your friendly support in developing our German! Michal&Justyna

My experience at Insula  - Irina (Romania)

Ever since the first time I walked in this school, I noticed the friendly atmosphere; it's not like going to a typical course,where the teacher talks and you need only to listen and write, you are always actively participating, it feels like you're playing, but you are actually learning a lot ! Katarina is a wonderful teacher, even after a hard days work, the course still is a lot of fun ! Through the courses at Insula not only I learned a lot, but also I have now more selfconfidence as before, when speaking german.

A Great Experience, Kasey (Australia)

To Everyone at Insula, I would like to thank you all soooo much for an absolutely fantastic experience at your school. I would recommend it to anyone. I worked in Koeln for 1 year as an aupair and went to a few different schools before discovering Insula. I really looked forward to going to class every week and I met some great friends there. The atmosphere was very relaxed and everyone was so friendly and welcoming. I found the focus on conversation in small groups really helped me become more confident speaking another language. Living inGermany and learning another language was a great experience and I hope I can come back and visit one day soon. Vielen dank!!

Fantastic environment, very good teaching! (Vittoria, Italy)

I "discovered" Insula more then an year ago when it was still a small school and I loved it since! I took several German courses at Insula and I always enjoyed them. The teachers Katarina and Sabrina are very well prepared and they make the classes very effective. I believe that Insula is not only an ideal place to study German but it also offers a friendly environment where to relax while learning after a long working day. I already recomended Insula to many friends which are all very happy and I am ready to do so with anyone!

Learning..having fun! - Chiara (Italy)

Hi girls &guys...Hallo Liebe Leute...Ciao ragazzi... Since I landed in Germany (may 2008) I learned German here at the Insula. Unfortunately I’m not living in Köln anymore therefore I cannot attend the C1 course :-( Insula is not a normal school, here you can learn the grammar and vocabs through images, conversations about many topics and group work. If you have a visual memory and you are bored when you always need to do grammar exercises to learn a language… this is the right school for you! I tried both courses the intensive one and the reduced one and I found them always super! I enjoyed every time I came here, also when I was completely tired after a working day because the teachers and the other students were really nice and the atmosphere is relaxing and familiar. People are sometimes surprise when they talk with me because my German is really good for the time I’m here and this is not only because I tried to apply myself but also because I found the right school. Think about it and anyway.. good luckfor your german experience! ****** So jetzt.. ein paar Wörter für wen schon ein bisschen Deutsch kann. Ich mache eine Zusammenfassung: egal im welchen Niveau du bist, weil Katarina sowieso eine Lösung für dich finden wird.Insula ist keine normale Schule, hier kannst du Spaß beim Lernen haben. Hier wird man durch Bilder und viele Gruppenarbeit lernen und die Atmosphäre ist sehr nett. Dann überleg mal ob du richtig Deutsch lernen willst.. wenn Ja,diese ist die richtige Schule. So viel Spaß und ich wünsche dir viel Erfolg beim Lernen und für deine Erfahrung hier in Deutschland. ****** Ciao a italiani e italiane.. Io mi sono divertita molto e per me era come una seconda casa, soprattutto all’inizioquando non conoscevo molte persone in Germania. Il metodo che viene usato inquesta scuola è diverso dagli altri perché non ci si basa su libro ed eserciziarioma sulla memoria visiva e sulla conversazione, che soprattutto all’inizio perpotersi integrare è fondamentale. Si lavora in gruppo con persone di diverseculture con il risultato che si impara il tedesco e allo stesso tempo siconoscono molti aspetti della cultura tedesca e non solo. E i risultati sonoassicurati! Un saluto a tutti e buona fortuna! Chiara

Feels like home - Atay (Türkei)

I've spent some time at Insula last year. I would frankly say that I not only excelled my German skills but also made some really beautiful friendships. Lovely Katarina was my instructor. She put a great deal of effort to teach some German to an ignorant person like me. The atmosphere and classes at Insula feels like homefor a non-German like me. I was going there every week with a big enjoyment.With all my heart, I would advise Insula to anybody that wants to learn a foreign language. Hier gibt's auf Deutsch: Ich habe einige Zeit bei Insula im letzte Jahr verbracht. Ich möchte ehrlich sagen, dass ich nicht nur meine Deutschkenntnisse verbessert habe, sondern auch sehr schöne Freundschaften gemacht. Liebe Katarina war meine Lehrerin. Sie hatte groß Effort zu lehren zu einer Person unwissend wie ich. Die Atmosphäre und Klassen auf Insula fühlt sich wie zu Hause. Jede Woche ging ich an die Klassen mit einer großen Freude. Mit ganzem Herzen, ich würde jemandem Insula empfehlen,den Deutsch bzw. Fremdsprache lernen will. @Katarina: I am not sure about the correctness of some sentences, theywere a little complicated. Please forgive. (: Atay from Ford of Germany

I would like to recommend- Lorenzo (Italien)

I would like to recommend the school because there is a very friendly environment, starting from the location. The classes are very pleasant since everything is taught in a modern an efficient way. I like also the interaction with people from all over the world, that can share their life experience. A final word on the teacher, Katarina.What can I say? She's wonderful; always available to answer all my (many) questions, professional but very friendly and relaxed. She's the best, thanks!

How I learned German- Shlomit (Israel)

When I first came to Cologne about a year ago, I could not speak a word of German. I knew I had to take an exam in 6 months from the date of my arrival, but the German course offered to me by my school was awfully expensive and took place during school hours, so if I took it, I would have had to miss some of my classes. This was, of course, not an option for me. So I decided to look for a private course on my own. It was after searching for a long while, when I came across Insula School. Together with Katarina, we searched from the variety of courses available, and found the perfect study plan for me, in the hours that were most suiting for me. In only six months, I learned enough German to handle a conversation, find myself in everyday situations like going to the bank,shopping for food, and asking for directions. And not only this, I also passed the German exam I needed to undertake, and was offered a permanent study place at my school. So, Thank you, Katarina, and all of you at Insula School! ShlomitBuchinsky (Israel).