Individual lessons 1:1, 1:2 und 1:3

Course details

  • Tailormade course, complete flexibility concerning timetable and contents
  • Possible Settings: 1:1, 1:2 und 1:3, online or on-site
  • Price: 1:1 between 39,00 und 44,00€ per class (depending on number of lessons booked, contents (standard/technical language) and if you are already a student of us)
FAQ Individual
Steps up to registration
  1. You take our placement test and tell us what exactly you are looking for, then sign up for a trial lesson.
  2. We organise the trial lesson.
  3. You will receive an invoice for just this lesson (no registration fee).
  4. You take your trial lesson.
  5. If you enjoyed the lesson you sign up for the total number of lessons you want to take with us.
  6. You’ll then receive a second invoice for the amount of lessons you have booked for one month. If you’re a new student, the invoice will include a registration fee.
  7. After that, you’ll receive an invoice monthly with the amount of lessons booked per month.
Cancellation of single appointments / cancellation of contract
  • Single appointments can be cancelled free of charge up to 24 hourse before the lesson. In case of a cancellation less than 24 hours before, the lesson will be charged and the participant is not entitled to a substitute appointment.
  • A cancellation period of 4 weeks must be adhered to and can be done towards the end of each course month. That means you can cancel on 01.01. for 31.01. - payment has to be made for the complete month. In case of an early cancellation, a recalculation to number of lessons actually taken will be done, if necessary.
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